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Welcome to the future of sustainable cotton.
Welcome to Fibre52™ cotton.

Better for the planet, better performance, better productivity.

Our patent-pending prepare for dye (PFD) and dye technology is cost-effective, low-impact, and eco-conscious and retains cotton’s natural properties, resulting in a stronger, kinder fabric.

Fibre52™ is more than cotton, it’s a revolution in the fabric industry.

The cotton textile industry faces high pressure, stiff competition from synthetic fibers, and shrinking profits.

While apparel brands have pledged to produce eco-friendly fabrics, manufacturers struggle to be both sustainable and profitable.

Until now…



Naturally Technical Cotton

Traditional cotton is bleached and dyed with heavy chemicals, requiring massive amounts of water and energy.

Fibre52™ cotton’s unique, patent-pending technology brings organic cotton from land to label. It improves the sustainability of cotton processing with biologically active products, resulting in durable performance cotton.

No added machinery or upfront investment

Up to 50% reduction
in processing time

Up to 50% reduction
in electricity

Up to 50% reduction
in water

No other cotton wet process creates a better product at a cost-effective and environmental value for your business.

Finally, an easily sustainable solution for the most widely used natural fiber in textiles. Discover beautifully natural performance fiber that rivals petrochemical-based textiles.

What makes us


Fibre52™ cotton is a new standard in sustainability. Our formula allows textile manufacturers to bleach, dye and finish cotton in a naturally low impact, eco-friendly way.


Fibre52™ cotton advances the circular economy through retaining cotton's natural strength by up to 50%. The fiber lasts twice as long and can be recycled more than once, because quality is better for everyone.


This is for those who love the feel of cotton, but not the feel of sweaty cotton clinging to skin. With Fibre52™ comfort cotton, moisture is expelled, not reabsorbed, for naturally dry, soft, self-cooling, wrinkle and stain resistant clothing.


Our patent-pending transferable technology process allows textile manufacturers to continue using the same machinery they have always used to craft a superior fabric by replacing harsh chemicals with inexpensive bio-products.

So what does the process look like?


In traditional prepare for bleach and dye processing, heavy chemicals are used to make cotton whiter and more absorbent. Fibre52™ technology replaces toxic chemicals with bio products, resulting in a more sustainable solution.


Fibre52™ cotton uses the same machinery and is similar and repeatable in resultant coloration and shade of the material with no need to drastically change dye recipes or to use different dyestuffs.


With Fibre52™ cotton, manufacturers can use less heat, energy, water, and time with rapid scale up on a global level.


Prior to Fibre52™ cotton, the natural fiber was not able to replace engineered fibers performance. Now, consumers have a natural and superior choice for fabric.

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When you select Fibre52™ cotton, you’ll quickly realize it’s cotton without compromise. Whether you are a mill, garment maker, designer, brand or retailer, we provide the solution you need to succeed in today’s vast and competitive global marketplace.

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