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FIBRE52™ is a game changer for sustainability in the
prepare for dye and dye stages of cotton-rich fabrics.
It’s better for price, performance and planet.

Fibre52’s patented prepare for dye (PFD) and dye process saves time, water, and electricity without ever sacrificing quality or dyeability.

Using existing machinery, Fibre52 prepares cotton – knit, woven, non-wovens or raw fiber - for a perfect dye job without using harsh, toxic chemicals.

Fibre52’s biochemistries clean away impurities without stripping the unique properties that make everyday cotton resilient, naturally soft and breathable.

The Process


The Fibre52 process is holistic from prep to dye, and mill tests around the globe show it’s consistently repeatable. Cotton prepared for dye and dyed with Fibre52 is naturally hydrophobic and repels water, but is versatile enough to be hydrophilic if desired.

No added machinery or upfront investment

Up to 25% reduction
in processing time

Up to 40% reduction
in electricity

Up to 70% reduction
in water

No other cotton wet process creates a better product at a cost-effective and environmental value for your business.

Finally, an easily sustainable solution for the most widely used natural fiber in textiles. Discover beautifully natural performance fiber that rivals petrochemical-based textiles.

What makes us


With the revolutionary Fibre52 PFD and dye process, manufacturers can begin cleaning and dyeing cotton in a naturally low-impact way that significantly reduces effluent, water consumption and energy use. All of this is done without ever compromising on quality. The chemistry has achieved ZDHC certification.


With increased bursting strength, improved water resistance, dimensional stability, and excellent colorfastness, the quality of cotton processed with Fibre52 is easy to see and feel.


This is for those who love the feel of cotton, but not the feel of sweaty cotton clinging to skin. Fibre52 doesn’t strip out cotton’s natural performance abilities. Cotton processed with Fibre52 maintains a comfortable microclimate. It does this by wicking away sweat and allowing sweat vapors to escape.


Our patented transferable technology process allows textile manufacturers to continue using the same machinery they have always used to craft a superior fabric by replacing harsh chemicals with inexpensive bio-products.

So what does the process look like?


In traditional bleach and prepare for dye (PFD) processing, harsh chemicals are used to make cotton white and more absorbent. Fibre52 technology replaces toxic chemicals with bio-products, resulting in a more sustainable solution.


Fibre52’s patented process and associated chemistries do not require additional capital investment. It’s easily transferable and fully compatible with all existing machinery. Tests around the globe show that the Fibre52 process is consistently repeatable, reliable and good on all shades. Mills don’t have to drastically change their dyes or dye recipes to achieve the same result.


By using the Fibre52 process for cotton, mills can consume less heat, energy, water and time. The ingredients allow for the process to use lower temperatures and fewer bath drops. With less processing time, mills gain the possibility of increased floor productivity.


Fibre52 cotton has many of the same performance capabilities as synthetics and can potentially replace petroleum products in casual and performance market sectors.

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When you select Fibre52™ cotton, you’ll quickly realize it’s cotton without compromise. Whether you are a mill, garment maker, designer, brand or retailer, we provide the solution you need to succeed in today’s vast and competitive global marketplace.

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