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Fibre52 is a drop-in solution that can simply be implemented into a mill’s prepare for dye and dye stages for cotton-rich fabrics. As an ingredient brand partner, Fibre52 is committed to making adoption smooth and beneficial.



How Does FIBRE52™ Work?

The Fibre52 process is simple to adopt for factories across the globe. Laura Thornquist describes how it all works in this video!


The Start of FIBRE52™

Graham Stewart knew there had to be a better way to treat cotton. That’s why he figured out a way to replace harsh chemicals with more friendly bio-products.


Passing the Test

Proof of concept is always important for innovation. See what impressed past AATCC president Harrie Schoots when it came to Fibre52's process.


In January 2024, Politecnico di Torino compared the Fibre52 process to the traditional one for cotton jersey dyeing of a dark color. As expected, Fibre52’s performance showed a significant reduction in environmental impacts due to water and energy conservation.

For full LCA, please email


For full LCA, please email


Fibre52’s team of textile chemists is proud to change the way we look at cotton. These helpful brochures display test results and also explain the sustainability advantages available to brands and mills that adopt the process.


Introduction to FIBRE52™

Why was Fibre52 started? What are the main benefits? Check it out in this introductory brochure.


Reaching Sustainability Goals

Fibre52 can help your company reach its sustainability call outs in a real and authentic way.


Time for Performance Cotton

You can bring cotton into the athleisure arena with Fibre52 and the resulting performance cotton.


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